Eye Exams

Antelope Valley Eye Care is the Antelope Valley's leading vision center, providing families and individuals with personalized eye care. We accept most PPO insurance plans and Medicare, including: Blue Cross, Blue Shield, TriWest, GEHA, United Healthcare, VSP, MES and EyeMed.

Eye Care Services

As an experienced Ophthalmologist, Dr. Opatowsky provides a wide range of services to his patients. Comprehensive Eye Care, Glaucoma Treatment, Diabetic Eye Treatment, Macular Degeneration, Eyelid Surgery & Botox, Treatment of Eye Injuries, and more.

Vision Center

At AV Eye Care, we are committed to helping you preserve the health of your eyes throughout your lifetime. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and advanced eye care services by utilizing state of the art diagnostics, medical and surgical treatments of a wide variety of eye disorders in patients of all ages.

At Antelope Valley Eye Care,

- we know that your eyes and your sight are a precious gift. Your eyesight is critically important to enjoy optimal quality of life. We are here to help you take excellent care of your eyes, and want you to know that a regular exam can help improve your vision and diagnose potentially serious conditions with your eyes at an early stage.

Some Early Warning Signs of Vision Problems

• Trouble seeing road signs
• Halos around lights
• Changes in color vision
• Impaired vision at night
• Frequent changes of your eyeglass prescription
• Difficulty reading

Early Detection Of Vision Problems

Did you know that changes in vision, or visible changes in the eye itself, can be an early warning sign of a serious condition? An eye exam can detect problems in other parts of your body such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Whenever you suspect problems with your eyes or eyesight, schedule an examination right away. We will work diligently to diagnose any eye conditions and potentially protect your eyes from a more serious situation.